What is HPV Vaccination?

What is HPV Vaccination?

The human papilloma virus (HPV) has multiple strains that can infect a man or woman and cause sexually transmitted disease. It is well known that high risk strains of HPV such as the 16 and 18 can cause cervical cancer and vaginal cancer among women. It is also proved that these viruses can cause gentital warts and anal cancer among both men and women.

Vaccination is a process of injecting a part of the virus, either in inactive or dead form to stimulate our bodys’ immune response to produce immunity against the particular strain or virus. The HPV vaccination is the vaccination against some common strains of the HPV to prevent the occurrence of cervical cancer and genital warts in men and women. Do bear in mind that vaccination works by preventing a disease and not treating someone who has been already infected with a particular strain. You are still recommended to take the vaccination if you have been infected with HPV as the vaccine still protects you from other hazardous strains.

Who Should Get the Vaccine?

HPV vaccination is recommended globally for girls who are aged 11 and 12 years old but can be given as early as 9 years old. This age period is before most girls become sexually active and get transmitted with the human papilloma virus. The HPV vaccination is also recommended for women aged 13 through 26 years old for those who have not completed their HPV vaccination shots earlier in life. The age when boys receive the vaccination shot is also within 11 and 12 years old.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all 11 to 12 years old girls receive 2 shots of the hpv vaccination 6 weeks apart rather than the older three doses schedule. This is similar to girls aged 9 and 13 to 14 years old where they can receive the two dose schedule vaccination shots. Data and research shows that the two dose schedule is equally effective for all children under the age of 15. Pregnant women are not recommended to take the vaccination. This also applies to anyone who is moderately or severely ill.

Do inform your doctor if you are ill before the vaccination day and if you have any particular allergies to latex and yeast. If you had any severe allergic reactions previously from any vaccination, do also notice your doctor prior.

For teens and adults who receive the vaccination shots later will still need to take the three dose schedule. Two most common types of vaccination given are Gardasil 9 which is approved by the U.S Food and Drug Administration and Cervarix.

Vaccinations of all sorts are provided everywhere. Thereby, during this pandemic season you can also visit the nearby hospitals to get the Covid 19 vaccine. To know more about the vaccination read here.

What are the Side Effects of HPV Vaccine?

Just like any other drugs and vaccines, the HPV vaccination also has some very mild to moderate side effects. However not everyone who is vaccinated against the HPV will have similar side effects. Some of the most common side effects and risks are as follows;

  • Soreness, swelling and redness at the injected area
  • Dizziness and fainting episodes
  • Headaches and fatigue
  • Nausea and vomiting

Do bear in mind to always meet up with a doctor if any of these symptoms does not go away by itself and start worrying you a lot more than usual. Some simple home remedies such as applying a cold pack over the swollen area may help to reduce the swelling and eventually heals the pain. Over the counter painkillers may also help you at times to reduce the pain and soreness over the injected site.Be reminded to always remain seated for at least 15 minutes after injection to avoid any dizziness and fainting.

Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve Your Drainage System

Apply These 4 Techniques to Improve Your Drainage System

Overall, the best technique to improve your drainage system and keep it in its best condition is to prevent any damage from occurring. In this case, you need to be more mindful of what you put down your drain. However, even with extra care in maintaining your drainage system, there are still instances when problems still occur. This article tackles some of the techniques that you can apply to improve your drainage system.

Use A Drain Guard

One of the best techniques that you can do to improve your drainage system is to use a drain guard that will be able to catch any materials which may potentially cause a blockage. The blocked drain Sydney plumbers recommend that you use a drain guard for each of your plug holes because, in this way, the amount of waste that gets down into it is significantly reduced. Drain guards are perfect for catching hair that falls when you shower or food wastes in your kitchen sink. When you use a drain guard, there is a great chance that only wastewater will pass through your drainage system.

Clean Your Gutter and Garbage Disposal

The gutter of your home is one of the most important components of your drainage system even if it is often overlooked. If your gutter is in a poor condition, then your house may be at risk of water damage. The reason behind this is that your gutter is designed to catch the water coming from your roof and channel it away. For this reason, your gutter should be clean so that the water from your roof will be able to pass through easily.

You should also exert the effort to clean your garbage disposal, which is another important part of your drainage and overall plumbing system. As much as possible, you should clean your garbage disposal every month using a sturdy disposer brush. You can even grind up a couple of cups of ice cubes combined with some table salt. This solution will help eliminate the grease and slime off the sides of your garbage disposal. After using the solution, you may already flush it out with cold water.

Clear Your Water Channel

Make sure that your water channels are always clean because this can significantly improve your drainage system. When there are seeds, leaves, and other objects present in your water channel, the water passing through it will not be able to flow through freely. When it comes to minor obstructions, you may be able to clear them out by hand. However, heavier debris should be removed using a pressure washer annually.

Identify Any Potential Issues

Finally, you need to look for any signs of trouble early on if you want to improve your drainage system. Keep in mind that most problems arise when you least expect them to be. By the time you notice the issue, it may probably be too late. Thus, take the time to inspect your property, looking for any signs of leakage or even funny smells that prove to be out of the ordinary.

Final Word

When it comes to improving your drainage system, the first thing that you need to do is to think of ways to prevent any problems such as by using a drain guard to catch any materials that may cause a blockage. You should also exert the effort to clean your gutter as well as your garbage disposal which are both essential components of your drainage system. Make sure that your water channels are clear and take the time to identify any potential issues later on. All these are geared towards ensuring that your drainage system is in its best health.

What is a SOC Audit and its Importance?

Currently, companies are relying on service providers to streamline daily operations and endless functionality. This is evident via the introduction of data centers, cloud computing, and SaaS (software as a service) organizations. Nevertheless, with the convenience and ease of these outsourced tasks comes some form of inherent risks.

The primary differentiator between service providers and their competitors is the capability to demonstrate the establishment and effective implementation of internal controls in relation to what they offer. One simple way to offer this assurance for every stakeholder is to undergo a SOC audit report.

What are SOC Audit Reports?

SOC audit reports are statements given after a third-party auditor performs a thorough examination of a company to confirm they have an effective system of controls. The system of controls is related to security, processing integrity, availability, privacy, and confidentiality. This report is issued by a CPA (Certified Public Accountant).

Types of SOC Audit Reports

Because of the diverse controls of different service organizations and the kinds of services they provide, the extent and nature of SOC audit reports vary. Here are the types of SOC audit reports.


SOC 1 emphasizes the business process and information technology of a service organization that may impact the user entity’s financial statement. This is known as internal control over financial reporting. Controls include all systems that require complex passwords and are controlled by authorized users. Types of service organizations that can get SOC 1 reports include medical claims processing, loan servicing companies, and payroll processing.

Structure of SOI Report

A complete SOC 1 report entails five key sections. They include:

The Open Letter

The auditor will highlight the scope of the report in the open letter based on the kind of audit conducted and the opinion issued.

Management’s Assertion

This section comprises management statements like an assertion that the system description reflects the system accurately.

System Description

This part covers the supporting procedures, policies, processes, operational and personal activities that comprise the service organization’s service. It may impact the user entity’s ICFR.

Description of Tests of Control and Results and Testing

This is where auditors outline the controls that were tested, the process implemented, and the results

Other Information

While this section isn’t always included, it might be added to offer additional details that are not enclosed by the auditor’s opinion.


This report is focused on non-financial controls. They are essential for company oversight, vendor management programs, regulatory oversights, and risk management procedures. The SOC 2 report is made up of non-financial controls that are based on 5 trust service categories. They include:

  • Security
  • Availability
  • Processing integrity
  • Confidentiality
  • Privacy

SOC audit reports offer a complete and repeatable reporting procedure to assist establish transparency and trust among service organizations and shareholders of user entities. Through proactively identifying and handling various risks, organizations can ensure all contractual obligations are handled while lessening compliance expenses upfront.

Signs When You Need Plumbing Service in El Paso

Signs When You Need Plumbing Service in El Paso

You can perform plumbing service on a do-it-yourself basis to a certain extent. When the water pressure is low, getting the showerhead cleaned, inspecting the water meter valve, or managing the sink leaks can be easily performed. But, if there’s a severe issue, it better to seek professional assistance. Any plumber in El Paso, Texas, can reach you with just a phone call.

So, here’s when you need to call a plumber immediately

Rapid Water Supply leak

Waterline burst may cause significant flooding throughout the house. Although it’s uncommon, this happens. But if it does, you need to act quickly. Before you call a plumber in El Paso, Texas, locate a knife or a knob-style cut-off valve that shuts off water to leak. Or discover the main water shut-off valve and turn it off. Once the plumber arrives, he/she’ll sort out the matter quickly.

No Water

If the water stops flowing within the house, be sure, it is localized around one area. However, this may also happen rarely. Check out all the water outlets within the home. See whether they are receiving or not. Also, make sure to check both hot and cold water supplies. Here’s what a plumber in El Paso, Texas, has a say ” if there’s a problem with water heater, hot water may not flow; however, the cold side will still be operational.

If cold water cannot run through the channels, there might be some severe flow issues. Most probably, the buried water pipe coming from the street might have burst, leading to diverting somewhere else.

Rapid Drainage Line Leak

Rapid drainage leak is the most common issue that prominent households face. For this problem, you can fix it with simple tools and materials. Turn off the water, get under the sink and replace the trap—however, the drainage line extends far beyond the sink cabinet, which may not always be accessible.

If the drainage line is actively leaking and is sealed behind a wall or under a floor, you should call a plumber in El Paso, Texas. Seeking help from a professional can prevent any further damage.

Sewer Line Leak

A broken or blocked sewer line forms into a yard, slowly accumulating into a murky or smelly water pool. Also, you may experience strange events indoors, i.e., toilet fillings when you run the sink or bathtubs fillings with wastewater. In such a case, you need to call a plumber immediately. The sewer line is the drain that carries all your home’s wastewater out from toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, dishwashers, and more. Your home cannot function without an adequately cleansed line, and all other activities may get paralyzed.


If you’re in the thick of a plumbing emergency, there might be a million things running around in your mind. Try to figure out what exactly has happened. Call a professional plumber and speak about the issue in detail. If the prices are comfortable, you can quickly call them and sort out things.

How you Can Save on Your Kitchen Remodeling?

How you Can Save on Your Kitchen Remodeling?

Kitchen remodeling never neglects to positions a decent spot among the most compensating home upgrades any property holder could attempt whether to improve the nature of the living or lift New York home estimation. Yet, these enticing advantages additionally involve a ton of dangers that if not painstakingly took care of could wind up with a terrible completion and a broke property holder, and that can be you. For any kitchen remodeling contractors in Sunnyvale to be a triumph, it takes quality items and craftsmanship and as we probably are aware these come for an expense and a decent one at that. So whether you are in Manhattan, Queens, Long Island, Staten Island, or Brooklyn; realize the approaches to save money on your kitchen rebuild without busting the financial plan and compromising.

See Beyond the Initial Costs

When undertaking a kitchen rebuild, the underlying expense that you would need to press out may appear to be overpowering. However, in the event that you look past and see the drawn-out benefits, you’ll understand that every one of the costs would be awesome and can even demonstrate benefits. Remember this thought at whatever point you need to spend all through the undertaking. Regardless of whether looking for provisions or employing project workers, weigh cautiously the expense versus the drawn-out esteem.

Do What You Can

Though it is encouraged to employ a kitchen remodeling worker for hire to get your undertaking completed in the most time and cost-effective way, there are still errands that you cost reduction will do by yourself easily. An expression of alert… keep in mind what a kitchen rebuild task involves. Ensure you have the stuff to do it effectively; else, you will discard it as opposed to setting aside cash.

Zero in on Efficiency Not Size

Other than setting aside cash, it is likewise critical to saving space in your kitchen remodeling project. This is particularly evident with New York kitchens where impediment in space is a typical issue. The most useful approach to obtain all the more area is through amplifying the utilization of room and not destroying dividers. Capacity is among the most critical components that can assist you with accomplishing this. When looking for apparatuses, you can peruse conservative models that fill in as great and have similar highlights as their bulkier partners.

Do Your Kitchen Remodel

When Contractors Are Not Busy There are sure seasons when project workers are not accomplishing a lot of work. And are more than able to take at work for you. Other than bearing the cost of your kitchen remodeling contractors in Sunnyvale the consideration that it merits from your employed worker for hire, the personal time likewise allows you to profit from stunning limits from qualified workers for hire.

Abstain from Relocating the Sink

Having your sink moved is substantially more confounded and exorbitant. Then you might suspect as this will mean changing the courses of your pipes as well. In the event that you can, simply keep the current format and get innovative in making it turn out better. For you and the family. Yet, in the event that migrating your sink is unavoidable, utilize this chance to overhaul the lines.


How Disability Is Perceived in Different Parts of the World

If you are living with a disability, then you have probably come across a ton of challenges. This is often the case when you are globetrotting the world because the perception of disabilities varies depending on where you are.

Contrary to popular belief, the grass is not always greener in the Western world, as there might be instances when you cross paths with unusual experiences.

This opinion-based piece is borne out of various experiences, and it is worth mentioning that these experiences may differ from those of many other disabled people. After all, everyone has their story to tell based on their fair share of experiences.

These experiences with disability can be traced back to the few countries that were visited. The diversity that cuts across these countries is what made each of these experiences stand out from the rest.

New Zealand 

In New Zealand, there is a clamor for inclusion for all. It goes without saying that the agitation for disability rights has continued to rent the air. New Zealand is one of those countries where one cannot help but notice that mobility needs are not an afterthought.

This North Island country is one of a kind because it caters to every individual’s needs, even in the most unexpected places like the South Island.

Be that as it may, there’s still room for improvement, and it is a certainty that New Zealand will get it right. The bottom line is New Zealand is testament to the fact that disability is not inability.


If I could read your mind, I am certain that you are probably thinking that Cambodia is one of the worst places for people living with disabilities, and rightly so. There is not much to talk about as far as quality accessibility is concerned. You might be lucky if you get to stay in a 5-star hotel, but I doubt there are any that offer these amenities.

However, the people of Cambodia are generally receptive towards disabled people – even though the country’s infrastructure speaks otherwise. On the other hand, one can hardly talk ill of the Cambodian citizens, because they are known for their expression of love and compassion.


Japan is a typical example of how everyone should perceive disability. In Japan there is a general positive attitude towards disability. What is more, you will often get the feeling that you’re not out of place because no one is staring at you.

In Japan, it is impossible to come across a building that lacks amenities for disabled people. The subway is not any different either. All said and done; Japan is a haven for disability because anyone is more than willing to lend you a helping hand.


The USA ranks up there in terms of accessibility, and it is always willing to go out of its way to cater for the needs of people living with disability. On this front, the USA leads the pack. The world’s largest economy has gone to the extent of putting up a fully accessible water park.

But the US is not immune to some untoward experiences. A case in point, according to a particular person’s experience was when they had to find their way up the stairs using hands and knees, because at the time, the elevator was broken. To make matters worse, no one was willing to come to their aid.

Things would probably have been different if this situation played itself out in Europe.

So far, these are just some of a couple of personal experiences in the countries listed above, but they do not cut across the board.

The Functions of Estate Litigation Lawyers 

The Functions of Estate Litigation Lawyers 

In life, people experience difficulties, and dealing with the estates of the deceased may be overwhelming. The legal process of handling the cases is referred to as probate. In the process, you may learn that is named in the deceased’s will as beneficiary or trustee.  The creditors, other named parties, and trustees may have financial stakes or legal obligations to the estate. If you are affected by the probate proceedings, then one should consult estate litigation lawyers and discuss the matter at hand regarding legal protection and associated rights.

Probate Cases Handle by Estate Litigation Lawyers

  • Will trials
  • Trust trials
  • Malpractices in estate planning
  • Wrongful obtrusion with expectancies
  • Disputes from creditors
  • Breaching of the fiduciary duties, among others

Administration of Probate

It is a process that a court of law directly supervises, and it helps settle deceased debts and passes on their property to their heirs or beneficiaries. In some instances, probate cases are avoidable, but most estates and owned assets and debts have to be probated. Estates that are not worth a lot of money have the eligibility to simplified court proceedings referred to as the administration summaries.

Litigation of Probate

When there are disputes on the deceased will, there may need to solve the issues through litigation. All the interested satta parties have a legal right to take legal actions against the assets or estate. The interested parties are the beneficiaries, the named heir, and the creditors.

Contests on Wills

People who are allowed to make claims with succession or inheritance rights, including family members not mentioned in the will that have statutory rights. The will can be contested if the following conditions are met:

  • The will in question, its drafting and signing was not witnessed as per the law requirements
  • If the will owner made the will when he/she want not mentally fit
  • There was unduly influence to the creator from an individual
  • Or when the will contains ambiguous and incomplete statements or language leading to raising of questions

Breaching of The Fiduciary Duties

The stipulated laws consider fiduciaries as the estate administrators hence they have a legal duty to the estate beneficiary or beneficiaries. Some of their duties are:

  • Following all the stipulated probate laws
  • They have responsibilities of managing the estates and associated assets
  • They should not self-deal with the estates
  •   Ensuring proper investments in the estates
  • Ensuring of excessiveness of the costs of administration

The administrators who are found to have violated the laws can be removed from their roles and ordered to cater for any damages.

Lawsuits on Trusts

The structuring of trusts is in a manner that the trustees hold and manage the deceased’s assets and estates on behalf of the beneficiary or beneficiaries. The trustees are considered as the fiduciaries hence they have a legal duty to care for the allocated trust with ultimate loyalty. Some of their duties are:

  • Distribution of the assets in the trust as per the terms of the trust
  • Making investments of the trust that contain limited risks
  • Administration of trusts in a cost-effective way
  • Putting the interests of the beneficiary first
  • Accounting for the trust to the named beneficiary

In conclusion, there are disputes which arise from trusts and they are settled through a court of law. People who are allowed to contest the trust or will are the heirs, creditors, associated family members, and the beneficiaries.

Is It Advisable to Buy a Robertshaw Thermostat

Is It Advisable to Buy a Robertshaw Thermostat

There are thousands of thermostat brands in the world. One can buy one in the store, call an installation company, or even import the thermostat of their choice. However, the purchase of a thermostat isn’t one that a person should bargain with. A thermostat is a pivotal part of a home, and it is something that someone is bound to for a long time. Once one purchases a thermostat, it is tough to go back on that decision. A person must buy a thermostat that suits their needs, functionality, and budget.

One of the popular thermostat brands is the Robertshaw thermostat. The thermostat is used in several residential and commercial places. People are always inquiring on whether or not it is advisable to buy a Robertshaw thermostat. However, it entirely depends on the preference of a person. A person can like what a Robertshaw thermostat entails and not like what another Robertshaw model has. Generally, Robertshaw is a good brand of thermostats and what a person needs to look at is the different models and determine which model suits them best.

A Programmable Thermostat

One of the most basic criteria in separating thermostats is in their programmability. A programmable thermostat is one that a person can program instead of changing the conditions all the time. A person can program a thermostat to be at a certain temperature at noontime and a different one at night. The thermostat will work according to its program, making the owners comfortable at all times. Non-programmable thermostats are the simplest and most basic versions. A person puts in the temperature that they want and have to change it manually all the time. Non-programmable thermostats do not have a lot of functionality.

Robertshaw has all the kinds of thermostats, and people should choose whichever would work best for them. However, the programmable Robertshaw thermostat options are some of the best in the market. They are reliable and work well in that people do not have to keep on manually changing what’s on the thermostat. The only downside could be the programming process which some people find a little difficult. However, with a few YouTube videos or a thorough check on the instruction manual, one is good to go. Once programmed, the working of a Robertshaw thermostat is smooth sailing from thereon.

A Reliable Thermostat

Robertshaw is a company that is known to make reliable thermostats. The team’s thermostats are easy to use, and they last long. Their functionality is top-tier, and people enjoy using them. If the debate is about getting a Robertshaw thermostat, there is a green light on that.

Reasons People Need Thermostats

Thermostats are core parts of any HVAC system. They are used to regulate the indoor temperatures of a building. People need thermostats for the regulation process. Without a thermostat, it will be hard to set desired temperatures in homes. People should do more research on the thermostat model that they would like for their homes or commercial spaces.

Choosing The Best Exterior Stain for Your Home Project

Choosing The Best Exterior Stain for Your Home Project

While remodeling your home can be an exciting venture, it can be costly. For some homeowners, doing the renovation on their own seems to be a cost-effective option. Staining your deck and fence brings your property to life and improves its value. This contributes to its appealingly pleasing nature. Stunning outdoor spaces can be attained even through hassle-free staining procedures.

If you are searching for ways to beautify your wooden decks and fence, you are in the right place. We’ll be discussing everything about exterior stains. Wood is a good element found outside and inside of a home. For this reason, it’s important to get the proper exterior stain and maintain it properly.

Reasons to Stain Your Decks and Fences

Wood is a desirable material as it looks nice. Whether it’s hardwood or softwood, most antiques are deemed stunning because the wood has obtained a patina over time. That’s why you need to refinish your good products. While decks and fences can be easily painted, staining is believed to be more aesthetically pleasing.

By choosing the best exterior stain for your project, you will change a valuable piece of your property into something attractive. It offers emphasis that will offer wood some character. Besides, with the best wood stain, you can make simple wood appear elegant and expensive.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Exterior Stain?

Some factors might impact your decision in choosing a suitable exterior stain. They include:

Your Color Choice

There are many exterior stain colors that might or might not look beautiful to your eyes. In pondering the color strain, you should ask yourself if you can match the exterior house colors to their respective decks and fences. If there is no need for a particular color match, find out if you need to have the color to serve as a compliment.

There are light and dark finishes. Which one do you love? Do you like a colored exterior stain or a natural one? You can check some online ideas and pictures for a perfect answer to these questions. Conduct research and order some samples before choosing a stain.

Stain Coverage

When it comes to stain coverage, it’s important to choose between a heavy and light one. Are you searching for something that lets you make the wood to be the center of attention? Or would you want something that faintly shines through?

Once you answer these questions, you will be confident in choosing the ideal exterior stain and sealant, whether it’s semi-transparent or solid.

Types of Light Sources

In choosing the right exterior stain, you have to find out whether the wood is found outdoors or indoors. Moreover, you have to see what kind of light source can hit it. That plays a great role in your decision as well. When it comes to staining your decks or fences, you need to inspect the wood first. If need be, you clean and sand it such that you can assess how a specific stain can impact its appearance.

Finding the Best Towel Steamers to Enhance Your Space

Finding the Best Towel Steamers to Enhance Your Space

Originally referred to as luxury bathroom items to possess, bathroom towel steamers have become a staple in most homes. With many brands out there in the market, finding one needs a lot of thought so you can get value for your money.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the perks of having towel steamers. And the tips to consider when finding the best towel steamer to enhance your space.

The Perks of Having Towel Steamers

Mildew-Free and Dry Towels

The number of times you have picked your towel but is still damp from your last shower is uncountable. Sometimes it smells rusty. A towel steamer solves this issue!

Reduces Laundry Loads

When your towel is mild-free, dry, and smells fresh, it reduces the number of laundry loads in your home. By re-using your bathroom towels, it means that you are not only saving water and detergent but also energy and time.

Functional and Stylish Design

Some towel steamers come with luxurious and the best designs. These not only look stylish but are also functional and can match your bathroom’s décor.

Multiple Uses

Aside from hanging your towel, your towel steamer allows you to dry some of your items. These could include any wet clothing such as your swimsuit. A towel steamer also emits heat to the bathroom, which is a plus.

Tips for Finding the Best Towel Steamer

Towel Steamer Size

When finding a towel steamer, you want to ensure that it goes well with your bathroom size. Smaller ones are ideal for compact and ensuite spaces, while larger towel steamers are suited for larger bathrooms.

If you have a large family, you will likely need a towel steamer with big rails and several bars to accommodate everyone’s towel. If you live by yourself, a smaller towel steamer with smaller bars maybe your best option.

You want to choose one that compliments your bathroom space, enhances its look and functionality and complements your bathroom’s overall surroundings.


Another tip to consider when choosing a towel steamer is your style. The ideal towel steamer should match your décor and your bathroom style.

Since towel steamers come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, you can choose one that fits your bathroom and preferred by your family members.

Hydronic or Electric Towel Warmer

Finally, you need to think about the kind of energy your towel steamer uses and whether it is effective. A hydronic towel steamer will use hot water to heat the towel rails. It is attached to your home’s plumbing system.

On the other hand, there are also electric steamers which use electricity to heat the towel rails. Most people prefer to use the latter since hydronic towel steamers are costly to install.

The electric towel steamers only need to be plugged in power or hardwired into your electric system.

Crafting Method

Finally, you need to consider the crafting method used in the making of the towel steamer. Some are handmade and tailored to meet client’s needs, while others are mass-produced. It all depends on your preference.