Biden to Implement Policies to Reunite the Families Separated at Border

Biden to Implement Policies to Reunite the Families Separated at Border

The 2020 elections were held on November 3rd in the United States of America. Joe Biden won the election and became the president of the United States of America. He has recently made a task force that will help in the reunification of the families separated at borders.

The immigration policies that led to separating families made by Trump were condemned by Biden and were regarded as a stain on the reputation of the USA. Biden regarded this act of Trump as a national shame with further stating that the previous administration ripped children from the arms of their families, their mothers, and fathers, at the border, and with no plan to reunify.

Below are the brief details of the past policies made regarding family separation and the way the current government has taken this situation into its hands.

What Has Happened in The Past Few Years?

We are all aware of the troubles which the United States of America got into because of the previous Government. Many of Trump’s policies that were made at the time of his government resulted in hindering people in The United States of America from living a normal life. The people that were and remain affected are the immigrants. A huge number of family separations have occurred in the past few years and every podcast on immigration has highlighted this issue very often but nobody heard. The question is how did this happen?

Trump made few immigration policies during his government. The motive behind these policies was to not let any illegal immigrants enter the country. The motive was left behind somewhere else resulting in separating thousands of families during the years 2017 and 2018. The major reason quoted by Trump behind the separation was the concern regarding the identity of the immigrants or them having past criminal records. Whatever the reason was, separation should’ve been the last thought on their mind.

Trump asked the security at the borders to carry on the immigration with zero tolerance for any illegal immigrant to enter the country. This resulted in being a very harsh practice for the immigrants and resulted in many parents being separated from their children, later deported. It is said that the separation happened even before the zero-tolerance practice was made.

After many protests and international uproar, the halt was ordered to the practice by Trump. Later on a U.S District judge after looking into the case ordered Trump for the reunification of more than 4000 children. This didn’t happen as the parents were deported at the time of separation only. Other than that there are many cases of family separations that remain to be unresolved to date.

How Many Families Were Separated?

The U.S-Mexico border is the one where several family separations took place. Around 5000 children were separated by their families at this border. This is the count that came up in front of people when the reunification order was made by the court.  More than 1500 children were also separated but were left uncounted.

How Are Families Being Relocated?

The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization that was made to protect the rights of every person present In the United States of America. The work of locating families is being done by this organization but they are facing certain difficulties to carry on the task and have become more difficult during the times of covid-19. Guatemala and Honduras are the home countries where in-person searches are being carried on. Other than that a toll-free number is given on which people can call to inquire about their family members. Search by phone is on which they are relying as it is an easy and quick means of locating and communicating with the people.

The Biden Action Plan:

The first and foremost issue that Biden started making action plans for was family separation. He made a task force that will work for reuniting the families. Along with this Jill Biden, the first lady of the United States of America will be supervising the project. Regular reports will be submitted to Biden by the task force regarding the current update on this matter. The separations that took place before and after the order both would be included in the reunification process. This process might take a lot of time as there are no track records of the families separated.

Another action is being conducted by Joe Biden. This action plan consists of ensuring the legal pathways open to enter the U.S. The American refugees and asylum seekers often find illegal ways to enter the country as the legal ways are not enough and reasonable or require a time-consuming procedure. Biden has ordered the senior administration officials to work with other Governments to ensure the legal pathways and to increase the host migrants’ capacity in other countries.

A total of 400 changes have been made to the immigration policies. That includes a review of migrant protection protocols and recent legal immigration restricting policies. The Central American Minors Program used to be a policy in the Obama Era that allowed refugees to apply for legal status while being in their home countries and is being considered by Biden to be brought back in the country.

A reform bill has also been introduced that put a temporary prohibition of deportations. This bill also canceled the zero-tolerance policy that allowed family separations. Biden has also taken back Trump’s policies that dismissed the deportation priorities.

This clearly shows that the policies and practices made by Donald Trump were completely inhuman things and created an exhausting environment in the United States of America. This also made the lives of immigrants difficult leaving many of them homeless and away from families. The country that was known to take care of the legal rights for domestic animals to the rights for citizens suddenly started appearing as a threat to humanity.  Joe Biden has started working on bringing the separate families together since the first day of his Government. The citizens of the USA are looking forward to him for more immigration policies that will give ease to the lives of many immigrants and refugees.

What Are the Main Causes of Migraines?

What Are the Main Causes of Migraines?

Migraine can cause throbbing pain. People who have the condition can understand how hurting migraine headaches are. People use certain medications and adjust their lifestyles to avoid pain. However, you should consult with your doctor for suitable and well-working migraine treatments. He or she may tell you the one that suits you the best. In addition, you should know that various causes can result in causing the condition. There can be some cases when the cause remains a mystery. Nevertheless, some of them can be identified in a diagnosis. The possible causes may include-

  • Irregular blood flow in the brain
  • Abnormal secretion of brain’s chemicals
  • A pre-existing central nervous disorder
  • Genetic inclination

What Things Can Trigger Migraines? 

There can be various things, which can trigger a migraine. However, the triggers may vary from person to person. Some people have few triggers; some have multiple. However, some people may not know all the things that can put them at risk of developing a migraine.

Some of the common triggers are as follows-

  • Physical and Mental Stress

Excessive exercise, physical effort, and even sexual activity can result in causing a migraine headache. In addition, mental stress can also lead to the condition if you do not deal with it.

  • Hormonal Changes

Women are prone to develop migraines because of hormonal changes. Some women complain of developing the condition just before or during their menstruation. On the other hand, some women complain of having a migraine during the gestation period or menopause. The changing level of estrogen in these conditions leads to cause migraine headaches.

  • Sleeping Patterns

Irregular and inadequate sleep can elicit your migraine. However, you should not compensate for the lost sleep. Sleeping too much is as harmful as sleeping little. Both conditions can trigger a migraine.

  • Skipped Meals

If you have a migraine, try not to skip your meals. Skipping your meals can trigger the condition.

  • Light, Sound, and Smell

Many people having migraines are sensitive to light, sound, and smell. You should stay away from bright lights, powerful smells, thunderous noise, and even smoke. They are common triggers of migraine headaches.

  • Food

Avoid taking salty, spicy, and processed foods. They can elicit your condition. Along with taking the migraine treatments, try not to eat the foods that can prompt the symptoms of migraine.

  • Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can trigger your migraine headaches. Moreover, certain preservatives can also play a major role in the same case.

  • Medications

Intake of too many medications, such as vasodilators, can cause the condition.

  • Weather Changes

Shifts in the weather can trigger a migraine. The atmosphere outside can affect you from inside. Therefore, consult with your doctor about how you can deal with changing environment.

  • Drink

Caffeine and alcohol are major triggers of migraine. Drink plenty of water instead to relieve the pain.

What Factors Can Put You at Risk? 

There are certain factors, which can put you at risk of developing a migraine. However, not every person having migraines is exposed to the triggers. Some suffer from the condition because of the following factors-

  • Family History

Genetic predisposition is a major cause of migraine. If your one parent or both have the condition, the possibility of having the condition increases in you.

  • Age

People can have a migraine at any age in their lives. However, adolescence is the most crucial age where people can develop the condition.

  • Gender

Men develop migraines in their adolescents more than women do. However, after the age of puberty, women are more likely to have the condition.

You should always consult with your doctor for migraine treatments. He or she may tell you suitable medications according to your health conditions.

You can seek an online doctor consultation for migraines. Visit the Daily Chemist web page for any queries. Moreover, you can also request medical guidance from experts.

Why Erase Negative Content About Your Business on Social Media?

Why Erase Negative Content About Your Business on Social Media?

Reputation is a crucial aspect of all companies. Negative feedback can cripple even the biggest of establishments. Moreover, redeeming your image from negative content and feedback can cost you a lot. Fortunately, there are ways to eliminate harmful content online and enjoy a good brand image and reputation.

Why Delete Negative Information Online?

  1. Improve Credibility& Customer Loyalty

Credibility in business comes with a good name. Your reputation is your identity, and negative comments about your brand can significantly affect customer loyalty. If your company lacks credibility, customers won’t trust your business and will be less likely to buy from you. As you promote your business, deal with harmful content and bad reviews from previous customers. This way, you’ll build your reputation and draw more customers to your business.

  1. Enhance Customer Retention

Customer retention is vital for all enterprises. It’s one thing to draw clines, but retaining them can be challenging. With a good business reputation, you can be sure to have your clients coming back.

However, not dealing with negative reviews online can ruin your reputation, making you lose business. To avoid this, hire professionals from leading Reputation Management UK firms. They will help delete any negative content online that can ruin your brand reputation.

  1. Security& Superb Relationships

The most trusted brands manage to reach significant levels of success due to reputation protection. Building a good brand image isn’t all about avoiding scandals; it also involves meeting customers’ expectations.

A good brand image offers a sense of security to clients, and they are assured of getting the best products or services from your business. You can only achieve this by reputation management and erasing negative feedback online.

  1. Increased Business Opportunities& Sales     

A company’s image plays a pivotal role in business relations and opportunities. Reputation is a magnet that draws clients to your business, thus boosting sales. With more sales, the results are apparent- boosted profitability and revenue.

That’s not all though! A good brand image attracts investors and business partners. We are all aware that no investor can invest vast amounts of cash in a company that’s famous for management conflicts and a bad reputation. Dealing with harmful content about your business generates more business opportunities resulting in business expansion and growth.

  1. Beating Competition

In today’s highly competitive market, only enterprises with a good reputation can stand the test of time. Customers are ever seeking alternatives, and you can only retain them by offering superior quality products and maintaining a good reputation. This way, you’ll attract more clients and have the edge over competitors.

  1. Lowers Marketing Costs

Deleting negative information about your business online improves a business’s reputation. This attracts more clients and helps in customer retention. With a vast customer base, your business thrives even with minimal marketing efforts. You won’t have to invest a lot in marketing techniques, which lowers marketing costs.

The Bottom Line

Harmful content about your business can affect your company in various ways. Fortunately, there are multiple ways to delete negatives information from the internet. For excellent results, engage experts and enjoy positive reviews, more sales and profits.

8 Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam

8 Fun Things to Do in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and the most populated city of the Netherlands. It is one of the most famous tourist cities of the Netherlands because of its beauty and the adventurous things that you can experience.

You might be planning a trip to Amsterdam but must be confused about what to do when you reach there? Must be thinking about the things full of adventure.

Well, let us guide you with the finest details and things that you can do in this beautiful city that will make your tour more adventurous and exciting.

The first thing you need to do is to hire a rent a car service. It is really important if you don’t want to waste your precious time. You can hire a car in a cheap price and set off to make memories in Amsterdam. If you have time over, try renting a car and drive around the city and check out the suburbs. If want to know more about car rental i Amsterdam, please read more here: AutoPrio are experts on car rental and you will find more tips and advice on there site.

What places should you explore to make your tour more exploratory?

Visiting Electric Ladyland

Electric Ladyland is a museum of fluorescent lights in Amsterdam. Tourists that visit Electric Ladyland can explore the beautiful fluorescent lights and can even create their fluorescent art. Visiting this amazing and full of creativity place is probably the most amazing thing to do in Amsterdam.

Van Gogh Museum

People that have an interest in painting and are artists can explore the finest Van Gogh Museum that is present in Amsterdam city. The museum opened in 1973 and has the largest collection of Vincent Van Gogh. It has almost 200+ paintings, 500+ drawings and 750 letters.

You can understand about the rich history of the country by visiting this place. It will give you feel from the old times. The vibes you will experience here are surely memorable.

Albert Cuyp Markt

There’s a market named Albert Cuyp Markt located at the Oud-Zuid’s De Pijp. The market has overall 300 stalls on both sides of the street. You can find almost anything in this market including clothes, makeup, food etc.

Hortus Botanicus

The place named Hortus Botanicus is as beautiful as it seems by the name. It’s spacious and leafy and is the center attraction of tourists when it comes to exploring the city. It was planned to be an eastern extension of the canal belt but later decided to leave it leafy and spacy.

You can sit here and relax to remember the best moments of your life. It can be a energy booster and it will surely be a great experience for you.

Zandvoort Beach

Zandvoort beach is the most amazing place that you can visit in the summer. The best part about this is that you can hit and explore the beach without even leaving the city. The beach has more than 2,000+ square feet of sand where you can relax with a glass of cocktail in your hand.

Looking forward to making your tour more exciting? Don’t you worry anymore we are here to guide you with the finest places and things to do that will make your trip amazing

STD Test and Symptoms

STD Test Symptoms and Treatment

Here are some possible ways that you can raise STD testing awareness with your health care provider: First, have you ever been tested for STDs in the past? Have you ever screened for any STDs while going through checkups at the doctor’s office? What STDs should watch for? How do you know when you should get tested?

If you’ve had a Pap smear and your doctor recommended a home std test, have you ever asked him/her whether you should be screened for Chlamydia or gonorrhea? Or, have you ever undergone an ultrasound, mammogram, or colonoscopy and had those types of tests, and received STDs in the process? Have you ever gone in for a simple teeth cleaning and left the technician with your tooth impressions and sent it off to the laboratory for testing? Has your partner ever told you that he/she was suffering from genital warts? Does your child suffer from bleeding from sores? Has your spouse ever shown you pictures of swollen or red genitals?

If you’ve ever experienced an alarming symptom, or done any of the above mentioned tests and you still aren’t sure whether it is indicative of an STD or not, then you should probably get tested. However, there are many other reasons why you might want to get tested. Maybe you saw someone recently who you considered a friend but didn’t really know anything about. Maybe, you’ve met a guy for a drink and had sex, and now you want to know whether he has HIV or another STD. You could also be in a relationship with someone and want to know whether you two have an exclusive contract or not.

Many STDs have symptoms that mirror those of various other conditions, so you’ll want to make sure that your condition is indeed STD related. Most STD blood tests (genital and viral cultures) can determine whether or not you have gonorrhea, genital warts, Chlamydia, genital herpes, syphilis or HIV. Unfortunately, most people do not receive an STD test until they have their first positive test result, usually in their thirties or forties. That’s because most medical professionals assume that most cases of STD are occasional rather than chronic, and treatment isn’t necessary until such time as when s/he shows symptoms again.

With new partners, however, it’s often difficult to know whether the prior couple has been monogamous or perhaps it’s just become easy to contract the disease from a new partner. In this case, it may be necessary to perform a pelvic exam to see if any underlying abnormal conditions are present. Alternatively, you may wish to consider one of several newer STD screening methods. Among the newer methods, an annual back-copy can detect abnormalities and get results quickly. Other methods include:

STD testing and treatment are a matter of choice, and there’s nothing wrong with deciding to opt for a more flexible approach where possible. If you find that you’re feeling unsure about whether or not you should be tested, or if you’ve already been tested and think you might be at risk, trust your doctor to guide you in the right direction. Remember, however, that STD testing doesn’t always mean that you will necessarily need treatment. In some cases, simply using a condom and living a healthy lifestyle can help ensure that you don’t transmit an STD to a partner. However, for others, including those who have had multiple partners, regular screening and treatment are the only way to guarantee an outbreak of the disease.

Steps to Becoming a Taxi Driver

Steps to Becoming a Taxi Driver

Taxis are everywhere in the UK, particularly in the capital city of Hull.

Black cabs have become synonymous with UK culture and many people who live in the country have considered becoming a taxi driver at some point or another.

Anyone who holds a UK driving licence can train to become a taxi driver so the barrier to entry is fairly low. However there’s more to it than meets the eye so to help you decide if it’s the right career for you, below is some very useful information.

Is the job right for you?

Before we look at the requirements for becoming a taxi driver, it’s a good idea to think about whether the job is correct for you. There are definitely a lot of pros to being a taxi driver. These include –

  • You’re not sat behind a desk all day
  • You get to meet a lot of new people from all walks of life
  • You can make good money if you put in the hours

However it’s not all upsides. Some of the advantages of being a Hull taxi driver are –

  • It can be dangerous, especially when dealing with intoxicated and/or aggressive passengers
  • Taxi drivers often work long/irregular hours
  • It can be very stressful, particularly when driving at busy periods of the day


In order to drive a taxi legally in the UK, you have to meet certain requirements. One of the minimum requirements that people often wonder about is the minimum age you have to be to become a taxi driver. This will depend on which area of the country you live in. In some areas you can apply to become a taxi driver when you’re 18 but in many areas of the country, including Hull, you must be at least 21 years of age. You must also pass a medical and complete a driving skills assessment.

Getting insurance

Purchasing taxi insurance is a must when you work as a taxi driver. Some taxi firms might insure their own vehicles but if not, you need to take care of the insurance yourself. There are many excellent providers of taxi insurance so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding cover at a reasonable rate.

When you drive a taxi, you need to get a special type of cover known as taxi insurance. This is because you need to cover for other potential risks that come with the job, namely public liability claims, as well as for the usual road risks, breakdowns etc.


4 Common Signs Your Dog Is Getting Older

Some dog breeds can remain physically active until the age of 15 or more, while other breeds have a much shorter lifespan. Dogs age faster than humans and we don’t often realise that we already have an elderly dog. Dog owners should fully understand and keep tabs on the condition of their dogs. When dogs start to show signs of aging, it is important to perform health check-ups more often and to diagnose potential illnesses at early stages for easier and more effective treatment.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some common signs that your dog is getting older:

Arthritis And Stiffening Of Joints- these conditions can be hard to detect at early stages. When your dog starts to move sluggishly or he is reluctant to do fun activities, this could be caused by joint discomfort or pain. If the pain becomes more severe during cold, wet weather, it’s another sign of arthritis. A dog Behaviourist can assist you in understanding why your dog acts the way he does.

Slow Recuperation- any dog trainer will tell you that older dogs don’t recuperate at the same pace as younger dogs. Slow recuperation could be a sign of ageing and changing physical condition. Bones will start to lose density, making fractures slower or harder to heal. Senior dogs also have weaker immune systems that make them more vulnerable to infection. Good nutrition, active lifestyle, and ample rest should help to optimise your dog’s immune system.

Loss Of Hearing And Vision- loss of hearing and vision could happen at a slow pace. Nerve cells could deteriorate due to old age. If you need to speak louder or more than a few times to call your older dog, he may have hearing problems. It is also important to check whether their eye lenses are cloudy. Cataracts could cause gradual vision loss and surgery could be needed.

Cognitive Dysfunction- it is a common ailment that may affect aging dogs. Dogs could become less responsive and forgetful. Severe cognitive dysfunction could even cause dogs to behave strangely to the owner. If dogs become more nervous, it could be a sign that they have become forgetful.

Contact Dog Harmony

To learn more about common pet odours and why you should consider residential dog training, contact Dog Harmony today and speak to an expert dog trainer Manchester who can help train your dog to be easier to manage and a lot more fun.

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Can You Figure Skate on Synthetic Ice?

Can You Figure Skate on Synthetic Ice?

People from around the world are beginning to see the benefits of installing synthetic ice as an alternative to real ice for ice skating and hockey. But how does it work? Most avid ice skaters are skilled enough to do all kinds of tricks and unique moves on the ice, including dances, jumps, spins, and figure eights. Is synthetic ice good enough to allow skaters the same kind of freedom as ice skating? You might be surprised at the answer.

What is Synthetic Ice?

Synthetic ice is a type of flooring that came into the public eye in the 1960s. Developers wanted to come up with a solution so that ice skaters could skate without having to keep a refrigerated rink going and maintained all year round.

Early Synthetic Ice

At first, the synthetic ice flooring was very burdensome and clunky because in order for it to work properly there had to be a constant form of lubrication added to the floor. It is easy to see where this could be a problem after a while. In the first place, the plastic that the flooring was made out of did not allow for a great slippery glide even with the lubricant in place.  On top of this, a constant application of some sort of oil or lube had to be in place for the whole process of skating.

  • Needed constant lubricant additives
  • Had massive drag issues

Developing Synthetic Ice

As the years passed the developers did not give up, they knew there had to be a way to create a type of flooring that would mimic ice. The next phase in the history of synthetic ice was a flooring that worked remarkably well some of the time but had to be maintained and re-lubricated monthly, or more depending on how much it was used. Although it was a little crude, it was closer to what they were looking for.

  • Needed monthly lubrication
  • Easier to glide on

Modern Synthetic Ice

After many years of upgrading and tweaking the process, developers came up with a lightweight plastic synthetic ice product that could apply its own lubricant from the inside as the ice skates traveled over it. Thanks to modern technology, and the advancement of science, developers were finally able to virtually mimic real ice and create a flooring solution that gives skaters an authentic ice-like environment to skate on.

  • Self-lubricating system
  • Easy to glide and skate on
  • Minimal drag

Although the synthetic ice of today closely mimics ice, there is still a noticeable drag when skaters use it. However, this little bit of resistance actually helps to build muscles and endurance for skaters because it causes them to expel more energy as they skate and push themselves a little bit harder to get around.

Figure Skating on Synthetic Ice

As for being able to figure skate on artificial ice flooring, it all depends on the quality of the synthetic ice that you are skating on. Some ice panels are created without quality in mind. If you try and do fancy footwork skating on low-grade ice panels you will most likely end up in trouble. Synthetic ice has to be created and installed in a way that provides both safety and durability. If you think about it, the surface that ice skates have to flow over needs to be strong enough to handle the heat and the power of the ice skate blades. If not, there will be major problems. So, yes people can figure skate, and do all kinds of other ice skating feats on synthetic ice, but only if the ice is good enough to allow it.

High-Quality Synthetic Ice

Sniper’s Edge Hockey has the best synthetic ice, and other hockey products on the market today. If you want to figure skate or play the kind of hockey that you can on real ice be sure that you install the highest grade ice panels that are available at the most affordable prices. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself to the best.

Get Excellent Rewards By Using Sport Nation

Get Excellent Rewards By Using Sport Nation

Sport Nation dispatched a patched up variant of its site in 2017 and has since consistently fabricated an extremely palatable internet wagering experience.

In any case, what truly separates Sport Nation from comparatively measured contenders is its incredible prize program for punters, which we will investigate later.

The fundamental focal point of this survey is the Sport Nation sportsbook, and we dig into the sign-up proposal just as sports accessible, store, and withdrawal in addition to substantially more.

Sport Nation Join Offer

Sport Nation’s sign-up offer, accessible to every new client, is wagered £10 and get £10 in free wagers. Effectively joined with Sport Nation? Exploit all the most recent bookmaker offers with our committed page on the best wagering destinations.

Sport Nation Rewards Revolution

As we clarified previously, the genuine explanation you should open a Sport Nation account is for its prizes framework, which is not normal for that numerous other online bookmakers give and is well worth pursuing.

The Rewards Revolution allows clients to procure either more free wagers or genuine money by proceeding to wager with Sport Nation.

The more you wager, the more rewards you can get that can be traded in the prizes store.

There is a base chances stake for each wager type, yet these are generally low and you can bring in money back or a free wager for a stake from £10 and up to £1,000. The sum you procure in remunerations additionally relies upon the number of legs is in your choice, which means you can acquire awards for your collector wagers, which is an incredible component.

For instance, a £10 stake for a four-overlap collector would give you £1 cashback or a £2 free wager. What’s likewise incredible is that for December you can acquire 4x the standard measure of focuses on games products.

This is useful for punters as you can acquire incredible prizes when you wager, which truly pushes Sport Nation in front of a ton of its rivals.

Sport Nation Sports Book Markets

As you would anticipate from a bookmaker that has been building up its sportsbook for as long as three years, Sport Nation has a decent contribution accessible to clients and is run on the Steph stage.

In spite of the fact that there are a lot of different administrators utilizing Steph, Sport Nation guarantees it offers something other than what’s expected by giving its own costs and chances, which offers punters an incredible assortment.

The chances are serious and for the most part in accordance with what contenders are offering, yet the reality Sport Nation has its own chances shows it is not kidding about giving clients a reasonable arrangement.

How to Ensure A Horse Racing Winning Bet And To Deal With Horse Racing Odds

Football is unmistakably the most famous game, with the fundamental segment of the landing page committed to the most recent games and the most mainstream wagers.

There is likewise a tab that makes it simple to see which games are on consistently for the remainder of the week, which a few bookmakers disregard to do and which can be disappointing. The business sectors accessible are sufficient and the entirety of the typical ones are accessible, for example, the two groups to score, goals corer markets, and bounty more. A few business sectors are harder to track down, which are promptly accessible on more settled destinations for certain games from more specialty associations.

The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Hong Kong

The 5 Cheapest Places to Buy Property in Hong Kong

When buying property everything will depend on exactly how much space you will require to live in. This has to be kept in mind when browsing for the cheapest Hong Kong apartments to live in. Every family will have different needs and even though people want to live cheaply they still require sufficient space in order to adequately accommodate the family. Nevertheless, there are some who can tolerate substantially smaller apartments if they are closer to the centre.

Here are the 5 cheapest areas to buy property in Hong Kong.


This neighborhood can be found on Hong Kong Island which is in the southern regions of Hong Kong and Hong Kong island has a population of 1,290,000. It is a densely populated area with over 16,000 people living in every square kilometer. Many years ago, during the first opium war when Hong Kong was occupied by United Kingdom there was a proximity 3000 inhabitants which were living in a couple of fishing villages. All of this has changed dramatically and the population has grown tremendously. An apartment in Wanchai can cost US$39,000.

Sai Ying Pun

More than 1 million people live on Hong Kong Island and generally accommodation isrelatively affordable as is also the case in the Sai Ying Pun neighborhood which is in the Western District of Hong Kong Island. As far as administration of the island is concerned this area is part of the Western and Central District. The name Sai Ying Pun is a Cantonese word which actually means Western camp. This mostly refers to a military camp which makes sense because this is the area where the early British military had their headquarters. An apartment in this neighborhood can cost approximately US$38,000.

North Point

Another popular and affordable place to stay can be found in the Eastern District of Hong Kong and this is known as the neighborhood of North point. This neighborhood is located on the northeastern part of Hong Kong Island. The name is derived from a cape which is located between Tsat Tsz Mui and Causeway Bay. From there it stretches in the direction of Kowloon Bay. Several parts of North Point have been occupied since the early 19th century even before the British arrived in the area. In fact, the Metropole Hotel was constructed in 1899 and the Hong Kong Electric company started operations in the region in 1919. An apartment in the area can cost US$37,000.

Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is where things happen in Hong Kong as far as retail is concerned. This is where you will find department stores, luxury malls and all around the Western end there is boutiques. Likewise, Jardine’s Crescent street market is a very popular place as far as bargain hunters is concerned. As far as the local cuisine is concerned there are numerous options from popular street stalls to upmarket restaurants. Some of the places which is popular when friends want to meet is Victoria Park and Hong Kong central library. An apartment can cost approximately US$37,000.

to Buy Property in Hong Kong

Quarry Bay

You will find this neighborhood more or less directly beneath Mount Parker. It is located on Hong Kong Island in the Eastern District. There was a time when the western portion of this area was known as Lai Chi. For several decades this area has been both residential and industrial area and this is probably why the number of commercial buildings has increased especially during the last 20 years. Apartments can be purchased for approximately US$35,000.