4 Common Signs Your Dog Is Getting Older

Some dog breeds can remain physically active until the age of 15 or more, while other breeds have a much shorter lifespan. Dogs age faster than humans and we don’t often realise that we already have an elderly dog. Dog owners should fully understand and keep tabs on the condition of their dogs. When dogs start to show signs of aging, it is important to perform health check-ups more often and to diagnose potential illnesses at early stages for easier and more effective treatment.

With that being said, we are going to take a look at some common signs that your dog is getting older:

Arthritis And Stiffening Of Joints- these conditions can be hard to detect at early stages. When your dog starts to move sluggishly or he is reluctant to do fun activities, this could be caused by joint discomfort or pain. If the pain becomes more severe during cold, wet weather, it’s another sign of arthritis. A dog Behaviourist can assist you in understanding why your dog acts the way he does.

Slow Recuperation- any dog trainer will tell you that older dogs don’t recuperate at the same pace as younger dogs. Slow recuperation could be a sign of ageing and changing physical condition. Bones will start to lose density, making fractures slower or harder to heal. Senior dogs also have weaker immune systems that make them more vulnerable to infection. Good nutrition, active lifestyle, and ample rest should help to optimise your dog’s immune system.

Loss Of Hearing And Vision- loss of hearing and vision could happen at a slow pace. Nerve cells could deteriorate due to old age. If you need to speak louder or more than a few times to call your older dog, he may have hearing problems. It is also important to check whether their eye lenses are cloudy. Cataracts could cause gradual vision loss and surgery could be needed.

Cognitive Dysfunction- it is a common ailment that may affect aging dogs. Dogs could become less responsive and forgetful. Severe cognitive dysfunction could even cause dogs to behave strangely to the owner. If dogs become more nervous, it could be a sign that they have become forgetful.

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