3 Awesome Hockey Tarp Drills

3 Awesome Hockey Tarp Drills

So you have invested in a great hockey flooring solution like synthetic ice, and you want to practice your shooting skills with a hockey tarp? Great! Practice is the key to becoming the best at what you do. While others are sitting around eating chips and playing video games, you will be pushing yourself and your skills to the next level. Investing in a high-quality hockey shooting tarp is one of the best moves you can make when it comes to staying sharp and focused. Since you are all set up and ready to go, we have put together a shortlist of powerful training drills that you can do by yourself, or with a friend.

Make sure that you have a good stack of plenty of pucks when you begin so that  you won’t have to go chasing each puck that you hit. You want to concentrate on your shooting skills and stay focused on them as much as you can.

1. Over the Shoulder

This sounds like a bit of a hard thing to do, but it’s not your shoulder you will be shooting from. If you take a look at your shooting tarp you can see that the goaltender has holes at the corners of the goal around him. Three on the bottom and two on the top. Make sure that you have plenty of pucks to practice with, then pick one of the holes over the shoulder of the goaltender. Right or left. Aim specifically at the top holes and alternate from right to left with each puck. Make sure you slap each puck so that it jumps up and over the goaltender. Start out slow, right to left then back to right. As you progress, speed up your shots and intervals.

2. Backhand Slam

With this drill, you will need a bunch of pucks to work with as well. Position yourself about eight feet back from the center of the goaltender on your tarp. If you have a puck rebounder, it will work even better. If not, you can merely back hand after you slap the puck back and forth with your own stick three times. If you do have a puck rebounder, position yourself so that you are in line with your rebounder. Hit the puck forehand to the rebounder, then when it comes back to you switch around and slap a backhand shot to the target of your choice on the tarp. Repeat this exercise until your pile of pucks is gone.

3. Left Right Deke

Get one puck, and start as far away as you can from the tarp on the other side of your flooring area. Keep your eye on the goaltender guy on your tarp. Slowly make your way towards it, while you handle your puck from right to left as you move forward. Pretend like you are in a real game, and that the goaltender is a real person. Keep your eye on the area of the tarp you plan to NOT shoot your puck at. Imagine the part where you will target your hit without looking at it. Pick up your pace and head straight for the goaltender for few feet, then veer off towards the left. Keep your puck and your stick safely in front of you. Rush towards the right of the goal and act as if you are going to slap the puck there, then without warning switch your stance and snipe the left side of the goal.  Repeat this practice a few times, and alternate your target with each practice.

Keep It Up

You are on your way to becoming a champion. You just need to stay positive and keep moving towards your goal. When you continue to practice drills you continue to sharpen your skills.

The sharper you are, the harder you are to stop in a game. Snipe with a purpose, and keep pushing yourself as far as you can.