3 “Quad Boob” Solutions You Need to Know

Quad boob—the illusion that you have four boobs instead of two because your cleavage is spilling out over the edges of your bra cups—is a universal problem that almost every woman has experienced at least once in her lifetime. However, the commonality of the quad boob problem doesn’t make it any less frustrating or embarrassing for you when you’re unlucky enough to experience it yourself.

If you’re a plus size or full-busted woman, you are likely forced to deal with quad boob more frequently than most. Many curvier women feel helpless against the unflattering effects of quad boob, but you shouldn’t resign yourself to a lifetime of struggling with this discouraging problem. These three simple solutions can help you say goodbye to quad boob once and for all and never look back.

  • Shop Somewhere Else

The A-DD bra sizes that are considered ‘standard’ are actually anything but. In fact, the average bra size in America is closer to a K than to any size within this ‘standard’ range. And yet, finding a K bra size in a mainstream lingerie store remains next to impossible. Many women end up settling for a bra size that is much too small for them—if only due to lack of options. More women need to realize that mainstream lingerie stores are not the only places to go to buy a bra—and for curvier full-busted women, they’re very rarely the best places to go.

A too-small bra is the biggest culprit of quad boob. If your breasts are spilling out of your bra cups, that’s a pretty clear sign that you need to shop for a bigger bra. If you’ve exhausted your A-DD options at mainstream lingerie stores with no luck, try shopping at a plus size lingerie store where larger sizes are the norm. If you set your sights on plus size retailers, you can explore a range of high-quality plus size bras in extended sizes that are able to fit and flatter your figure better than any style from the limited selection at Victoria’s Secret.

  • Loosen Your Straps

Yes, sometimes fixing quad boob really is as simple as loosening your bra straps. Too-tight straps can cause the front of your bra to rise up and force your breasts to spill out the sides or bottom of your bra cups.

If you notice red marks or indents on your shoulders at the end of the day because your bra straps are digging into your skin, loosen your straps to achieve a more comfortable fit that will hopefully eliminate your quad boob problem.

  • Replace Your Bra

As strongly as you might hope that your favorite bra will last forever, all bras do have an expiration date. Depending on how often you wear it, you should replace a bra every nine months to a year—although very few women actually stick to this rule of thumb.

However, if you notice visible quad boob when you’re wearing a bra that used to flatter your chest, it is probably time to replace that bra. Over time, the band of your bra stretches out from washes and regular wear. A loose band can cause the back of your bra to ride up and the front of your bra cups to gap—which creates unflattering bulges when your breasts inevitably start to spill out of your gapping bra cups.

When you’re shopping for a new bra, make sure to buy one that fits you best when fastened on the loosest band closure. This trick extends the life of your bra because it leaves you with more room to tighten the band when it starts to stretch out.