4 Common Myths About Disposable Paper Plates Busted

Time to Ditch Your Dish Washing Chores! Opt For Disposable Paper Plates

Disposable table wares are become an integral part of our life. We use them on a daily basis in our homes as well as in our offices. It comes with a lot of convenience and easy usability particularly when it comes to serve a large crowd for example in a food stall, office cafeteria or even a party at home. More so, keeping a large amount of crockery and also spending on cleaning and maintaining them is too much of a hassle that everyone wants to avoid in the rut of chasing bigger targets in life.

Cleaning and disinfecting metal or glass wares required manual or machine help, a large amount of water, soap and most importantly time. If the crockery is not cleaned properly they can even lead to health hazards. Hence for more ease, convenience and maintaining a better line of action, people opt for disposable paper plates and other table wares. So here’s busting some of the most popular myths that hold you back from using some of the most cost effective, durable, and stylish as well as environment friendly options that the best of the disposable paper plate companies in India bring to us.


Paper Plates Can’t be Stylish

Stylish paper plates – the phrase might sound contradictory. However, contrary to the popular belief, the market is flooded with extremely attractive and suave disposable table wares that are capable of taking the entire look and feel of the food served in tem to the next level.

If you look for options, you will be spoilt for choice. The offerings are vivid and cater to specific domestic as well as commercial requirements. Particularly, if you specify your need, the options that will open in front of you will be nothing less than spell binding. There are several themes for several occasions. You can get several assortments aimed specifically for kids as well as for adults. You can get several theme based table wares that recreate the magic of the Disney world and many other cartoon characters that are so close to the kids. Similarly for the adults, you can choose from the stylish and sophisticated designs that will add sparks to your party.


If it is 100% Degradable It is Bound To Leak

Gone are the days when disposable table ware used to leak. That was the time when a plastic or nonporous layer to make it leak proof. Now, the scenario has changed. After a lot of experiments, the latest innovation in the field of disposable table ware has led to completely spill or leak plates, cups, glasses and saucers that are 100 % biodegradable at the same time. Disposable paper cup suppliers in India bring to you absolutely stylish and leak proof table wares that are bio-degradable and recyclable.


What about Takeaway Packaging

The next question that plagues the minds of the customers is that are these paper carriage and boxes capable to carry food? Can they be used for packing food? The answer to this question is yes. Disposable table wares are lightweight and sturdy at the same time and are capable of carrying food for longer duration as well as distance.


Eco-friendly Disposables are a Hoax

Now let us come to the ultimate claim of the new age disposables being eco-friendly. Paper is made out of wood. Then how can paper plates be eco-friendly? The answer to this is there are several grades of products some of which are completely recyclable. And who told you that paper plates can be manufactured by chopping trees. The latest innovations are making use of dried leaves for example areca leaf and betel leaves to make biodegradable disposable table wares. If you look for it, you are sure to have your hands on them.