Choosing Between Lumin And Soclean

Lumin vs SoClean products are both popular branded items that have a very close competition in marketing world. These two products are the most popular one in the market place. Prospective clients will have this battling moment whether to buy Lumin product or SoClean product.

In order for you to start the buying decision making, better know your needs and match it with these products to choose what you think that best suits you in your situation.

Choosing Lumin over SoClean

There are many CPAP cleaner brand that are popular before Lumin becomes available in the market. But availability of Lumin in the entire market makes the hot competition begins as it rises going in popularity.

If you are planning to buy Lumin for CPAP equipment, then there are many benefits and advantages that the product can provide to you. This Lumin uses a very high-powered ultra violet light that effectively kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs for your safety and health benefits.

In operating the Lumin, it will magically take your 5 minutes time only in completing its sanitation cycle. It borrows a little amount of your time to as the products requires you to place the mask or water reservoir in the machine cleaning chamber, close the tray, and finally press the button to start the cleaning that takes only 5 minutes. You can also use the Lumin to clean your other small household items like dentures, toothbrushes and others.

The Lumin also is very affordable and no maintenance cost at all. Using light source is very economical and cost-effective solution not to incurr any additional fees after product availed. The product all has no hidden charges and recurring charges as the months goes by.

Choosing SoClean 2 over Lumin

SoClean2 products availability comes first in the market before Lumin joins the industry. This product is also popular and has similarities to Lumin that both products can remove almost 99% of harmful bacteria but using oxygen to clean.

For time cleaning consideration, you will have to wait for almost 2 hours for the sanitizing cycle. You will need also to consider paying additional fees for filter requirements and prewash of equipment that is mandatory for every 6 months.

So, basing from the function above, imagining the convenience the product will bring is amazing and efficient. Its up to you to know the right choice for you. You have on your hand the decision-making power to choose.