Does Moisturizer Help to Avoid Bedsores in Adults

Does Moisturizer Help to Avoid Bedsores in Adults

Pressure ulcers (bedsores) is a clinical situation that develops when a person stays in a similar situation for a long period of time. Excessive pressure on different bodily parts results in sores. The sores can establish on any body part; however, the bony parts are more prone to this disease such as elbows, ankles, tailbones, and heels. This condition can develop within hours or days. These sores can be treated, but a complete recovery is not ensured. If proper treatment is not followed, the sores can lead to severe problems such as cancer, cellulitis, and sepsis. Like a polyp can change into colon cancer, similarly an untreated pressure ulcer can change into skin cancer.

Dryness and lack of moisture have a close relationship with the development of pressure sores. This condition becomes worse in adults because they are too busy in their lives that they do not pay heed to the condition of their skins. Working for hours and hours by sitting in the same place daily or moving in the blazing heat and wild dry winters for work on a daily basis are the major reasons for having skin-related issues. These conditions worsen with time and appear as a monstrous painful situation after some time.

Either adults do not have time for the special care of their skin or they do not have enough energy left after a long tiring day to consider this negligence as a source of the real problem. In this condition, if your skin is near to developing bedsores then this negligence can be so problematic. And to mitigate the effects of this ignorance you need to pay proper attention to your skin condition. If you have a history of developing pressure ulcers or are showing symptoms of developing this disease, then you must take special measures to prevent it. You should say to yourself that you are on skin alert!

Dryness and Bedsores

The leading causes of bedsores include:


It is a known fact that the blood flow delivers important nutrients and oxygen to various parts of the body. Excessive pressure retards the flow of such nutrients to the body tissues, resulting in tissue death. This can prove to be fatal. People that have low mobility, develop sores more frequently as the pressure develops on the bony parts of the body.


Friction takes place when the body is rubbed against the clothes and bed coverings. The moist and fragile skins are more vulnerable to sore development as injuries can take place more easily.

Apart from that, there are certain risk factors for the development of pressure sores or bedsores, these include:

  • Illness
  • Old age
  • Dehydration
  • Weight loss
  • Poor diet
  • Friction
  • Previous ulcers
  • Poor medical conditions
  • Dry skin

Studies show that all these causes of bedsores have a relation with dryness. If your skin is dry and wears off easily then this will act as a catalyst along with other causes to make you a victim of bedsores. When any above-mentioned condition acts synergistically with a lack of moisture (dryness) then you will have to face the most painful type of bedsores. Moreover, to lessen the effect of dryness you need to work on this situation constantly for so long (which can be frustrating at times). So, in order to prevent this uncomfortable situation, you need to take teeny-tiny steps from today. The bonus point is that consistency will make you able to avoid this disease for so long. Isn’t it good news?

We think that we have made our point so clear. So, without any further ado, we will tell you how you can make this situation favorable for you. Adults do not panic; we have a full plan for the bedsore prevention by properly moisturizing your skin. Let us start our reading!

How Does Moisture Prevent Bedsores in Adults?

As we all know, the skin is the largest organ of our body. Moreover, it is the first line of defense as well which fights against many invading microorganisms, chemical breaches, and minor trauma. The outermost layer of this skin is called the stratum corneum which acts as a protective barrier. Unfortunately, this outer barrier can be damaged in various ways and one of the most common ways is the lack of moisture (dryness). Consequently, this can lead to many skin-related diseases, one of them is pressure ulcers.

Keep your Skin Clean

The first and the most important step to avoid bedsores is taking care of your hygiene. Unhygienic conditions and contamination lead to the exposure of germs and other contaminants to your body. If that exposed area is already injured or cracked because of dryness, then the germs will enter your body by crossing the first line of defense. So, to avoid this situation it is advisable to take special care of your body’s hygienic conditions.

Choice of Products

From the above point, science has made it very clear that having a hygienic condition is the most important step to avoid pressure ulcers, as well as many other diseases. Now, what type of products you should use for this purpose is the next question. For this, you can use different soaps, body washes, and talcum powders. Try to use not too harsh and strong products which ultimately results in dryness of skin like detergents and so on. It is advisable to consult your dermatologist as soon as possible.

Daily Use of Moisturizer

Water-based moisture is a smart choice. Try not to rub the moisturizer harshly on the skin rather apply it gently especially on the affected areas. If you are unable to apply the moisturizer properly then try to seek help. If you already have inflammation or soreness, then try to avoid the excessive use of moisturizer there.

Avoid Dehydration

Dehydration is a condition that occurs in a body due to a lack of water intake and electrolytes. Drinking enough water and liquids will help you overcome it. It is a natural process to hydrate your body and is considered the solution to maximum problems. If you are unable to overcome dehydration because of evaporation, medicinal side effects, and diarrhea then doctors will recommend you to have an intravenous dose of saline. This will help you to overcome dehydration (or internal dryness).