Everything You Need to Know for A Fairytale Wedding

Everything You Need to Know for A Fairytale Wedding

Fairytale is a story about magical creatures which generally involves a beautiful princess and her prince charming. A fairytale need not stick to a general theme of lakes and castles and mystic beings just like your wedding.

Let me give you a guide to plan a perfect fairytale wedding to save your effort:

Decide a theme

You can think out of the box for a “unique” setup for your own magical world. Follow these steps:

Start with the basics

  • Hobbies – The things you both like to do together as a couple.
  • Favorite things you enjoy together – Sports and other activities you share.
  • How you met – Consider how and where you met as a possible theme.
  • Favorite piece of art, music, movie, food.

Describe your theme using nouns and adjectives and their combination. Some examples are:

  • Rustic elegance
  • Artsy
  • Grand vintage
  • Glam royalty

List options

Come up with a list of options for your theme. Some popular themes are:

  • Country
  • Western
  • Italian
  • Vintage
  • Butterfly
  • Retro
  • Indian/oriental
  • Stars
  • A famous movie

Choose colors

After deciding a theme for your wedding you need not stick to a general color pattern, you can spice it up with colors of your choice. However remember to:

  • DO NOT go overly creative and choose a color which contradicts the theme altogether.
  • You can choose primary colors with a couple of accent colors for a supporting role.
  • Use the psychology of colorto make a wiser choice.
  • Keep the color scheme consistent with all the elements of your wedding.

Here are some most widely used color combinations:

  • Monochromatic: In this scheme there is only one color with different shades (blacks), tints (whites) or tones (grays). For example pink, with blush and pale rose.
  • Analogous: These colors are adjacent to each other on color wheel. They create a harmony and a pleasing effect.
  • Complementary: Two colors opposite on the wheel of color are called complementary. This scheme makes the theme fun and exciting. Take care to not to overdo it.

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Make reservations

If your decided theme needs to incorporate a grand hotel, a marquee in a field or indeed a castle, make reservations well advance in time. Some suggestions:

  • Take plenty of time to select the right venue for you and your wedding. If you don’t find the perfect place, it is worth waiting longer to secure the location that you’ve always dreamed of.
  • Prioritize the important things. Allocate your budget with the most important thing first like venue->reception->catering->dress>wedding sign and so on.
  • Make lot of wedding appointments. Don’t go for the first supplier that you see, stroll around before making a decision. Enjoy it because planning your wedding is something you won’t do again.
  • Choose the correct menu. This is the most deciding factors for your guest’s satisfaction. Your dishes and beverages must be consistent with the theme of your wedding. Remember, with a big wedding, comes a need for more diversity.

➢ Serve one main entree and a few side dishes for a smaller wedding. Or you may just serve appetizers and drinks.

➢ Choose a family style service to meet guests’ unique needs and preferences.

Invite the right people to your wedding

As soon as you start planning your wedding, you begin to realize that you can’t invite everyone you’ve ever known in your life. Even at that, you’re fed with guest lists coming in from everywhere from your fiance’s gymming pals to your future father-in-law’s business associates, you start to feel as if a whole football stadium wouldn’t be big enough to host your guests.

You need careful planning in keeping your guest list limited and “desirable”. Follow this link to decide the right guest list for a serene wedding experience.

Capture Every Moment

On such a special day when you would want to capture every second, find a brilliant photographer. Photos will last a lifetime, so make sure you are going to be happy with them.

➢ Go through photographers’ portfolios and DO NOT hurry in selecting the perfect photographer.

➢ Word of mouth is the best way to find the perfect person, ask friends and relatives for recommendations.

Some essential things you must get to make your fairytale experience complete:

A fairytale cake: Your wedding cake can have a topper with Cinderella and her prince.

Seating Arrangement: Arrange seating chart and put wedding welcome sign at the entrance of the wedding hall.

A fairytale invitation card: When you are planning a fairytale wedding, your guests must get a hint of the awesomeness awaiting them.

Princess slipper: Now a fairytale would seem incomplete without a beautiful pair of princess’ slippers.

A ball gown: Your dress would play the cherry-on-the-cake role for your fairytale wedding. Get a Cinderella ball gown or something “pricessy”.