Finding the Best Towel Steamers to Enhance Your Space

Finding the Best Towel Steamers to Enhance Your Space

Originally referred to as luxury bathroom items to possess, bathroom towel steamers have become a staple in most homes. With many brands out there in the market, finding one needs a lot of thought so you can get value for your money.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the perks of having towel steamers. And the tips to consider when finding the best towel steamer to enhance your space.

The Perks of Having Towel Steamers

Mildew-Free and Dry Towels

The number of times you have picked your towel but is still damp from your last shower is uncountable. Sometimes it smells rusty. A towel steamer solves this issue!

Reduces Laundry Loads

When your towel is mild-free, dry, and smells fresh, it reduces the number of laundry loads in your home. By re-using your bathroom towels, it means that you are not only saving water and detergent but also energy and time.

Functional and Stylish Design

Some towel steamers come with luxurious and the best designs. These not only look stylish but are also functional and can match your bathroom’s décor.

Multiple Uses

Aside from hanging your towel, your towel steamer allows you to dry some of your items. These could include any wet clothing such as your swimsuit. A towel steamer also emits heat to the bathroom, which is a plus.

Tips for Finding the Best Towel Steamer

Towel Steamer Size

When finding a towel steamer, you want to ensure that it goes well with your bathroom size. Smaller ones are ideal for compact and ensuite spaces, while larger towel steamers are suited for larger bathrooms.

If you have a large family, you will likely need a towel steamer with big rails and several bars to accommodate everyone’s towel. If you live by yourself, a smaller towel steamer with smaller bars maybe your best option.

You want to choose one that compliments your bathroom space, enhances its look and functionality and complements your bathroom’s overall surroundings.


Another tip to consider when choosing a towel steamer is your style. The ideal towel steamer should match your décor and your bathroom style.

Since towel steamers come in varying sizes, shapes, and colors, you can choose one that fits your bathroom and preferred by your family members.

Hydronic or Electric Towel Warmer

Finally, you need to think about the kind of energy your towel steamer uses and whether it is effective. A hydronic towel steamer will use hot water to heat the towel rails. It is attached to your home’s plumbing system.

On the other hand, there are also electric steamers which use electricity to heat the towel rails. Most people prefer to use the latter since hydronic towel steamers are costly to install.

The electric towel steamers only need to be plugged in power or hardwired into your electric system.

Crafting Method

Finally, you need to consider the crafting method used in the making of the towel steamer. Some are handmade and tailored to meet client’s needs, while others are mass-produced. It all depends on your preference.