Motorcycle Appraisal

If you own a motorcycle, there’s just no need for you to relax until your bike gets faulty or damaged during the occurrence of an accident before you get an auto appraisal. Motorcycle appraisal is here to ensure that your motorcycle remains in a perfect state or condition. We provide our clients with the best expert motorcycle appraisal reports to owners of collectible and custom motorcycles. We offer nationwide licensed services to both Classic, custom and vintage motorcycles. It is necessary that your bike is insured suitably for an unfixed value that you and the company agreed on. Making your insurance company understand the cost and scarcity of the custom motorcycle to be guaranteed, a complete document for your motorcycle in a suitable appraisal containing all the particulars including the essential options that make the motorcycle exceptional.

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Our qualified appraisers make use of the most recent software and information to value your motorcycle. The machinery and hours required to assemble a motorcycle are nearly unfeasible to document without a certified appraisal being carried out that is why it’s very vital to have your classic custom or late model motorcycle inspected.  An appraisal is the most acceptable means for you to protect your bike, whether it is a custom or vintage motorcycle, you will be able to protect your bike against incidents that our insurance policy does not cover.

The motorcycle appraisal procedure is carried out by making a rendezvous for the company to come to your desired location, instead of bringing your bike to us.

Custom motorcycles assessment appraisals

An appraisal is mandatory by several insurance companies before you will be offered a policy for your motorcycle, before the incident of an unforeseen disaster. With our group or certified experts, we make certain a full appraisal is provided for your motorcycle. As a supplemental examination, your assessment will be updated if you had previously upgraded your motorcycle and you need an additional value to reflect in present appraisal.

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When inspecting a custom motorcycle, it will be extremely accommodating if the receipts required to complete the construction of the bike are reserved. The reason is that a compilation will be made for future references. Contact us today if you need a certified appraisal for your motorcycle.