Signs When You Need Plumbing Service in El Paso

Signs When You Need Plumbing Service in El Paso

You can perform plumbing service on a do-it-yourself basis to a certain extent. When the water pressure is low, getting the showerhead cleaned, inspecting the water meter valve, or managing the sink leaks can be easily performed. But, if there’s a severe issue, it better to seek professional assistance. Any plumber in El Paso, Texas, can reach you with just a phone call.

So, here’s when you need to call a plumber immediately

Rapid Water Supply leak

Waterline burst may cause significant flooding throughout the house. Although it’s uncommon, this happens. But if it does, you need to act quickly. Before you call a plumber in El Paso, Texas, locate a knife or a knob-style cut-off valve that shuts off water to leak. Or discover the main water shut-off valve and turn it off. Once the plumber arrives, he/she’ll sort out the matter quickly.

No Water

If the water stops flowing within the house, be sure, it is localized around one area. However, this may also happen rarely. Check out all the water outlets within the home. See whether they are receiving or not. Also, make sure to check both hot and cold water supplies. Here’s what a plumber in El Paso, Texas, has a say ” if there’s a problem with water heater, hot water may not flow; however, the cold side will still be operational.

If cold water cannot run through the channels, there might be some severe flow issues. Most probably, the buried water pipe coming from the street might have burst, leading to diverting somewhere else.

Rapid Drainage Line Leak

Rapid drainage leak is the most common issue that prominent households face. For this problem, you can fix it with simple tools and materials. Turn off the water, get under the sink and replace the trap—however, the drainage line extends far beyond the sink cabinet, which may not always be accessible.

If the drainage line is actively leaking and is sealed behind a wall or under a floor, you should call a plumber in El Paso, Texas. Seeking help from a professional can prevent any further damage.

Sewer Line Leak

A broken or blocked sewer line forms into a yard, slowly accumulating into a murky or smelly water pool. Also, you may experience strange events indoors, i.e., toilet fillings when you run the sink or bathtubs fillings with wastewater. In such a case, you need to call a plumber immediately. The sewer line is the drain that carries all your home’s wastewater out from toilets, sinks, showers, tubs, dishwashers, and more. Your home cannot function without an adequately cleansed line, and all other activities may get paralyzed.


If you’re in the thick of a plumbing emergency, there might be a million things running around in your mind. Try to figure out what exactly has happened. Call a professional plumber and speak about the issue in detail. If the prices are comfortable, you can quickly call them and sort out things.