What Are Your Legal Rights For Domestic Animals

The problem of stray dogs is never permanently solved. Despite the shelters for dogs and the efforts of the republican and local authorities to effectively solve this issue in the streets, new abandoned animals continue to appear. Unfortunately, contributions are also made by irresponsible owners, who are not responsible for their actions. https://www.mitchengellaw.ca/ wants you to know about your rights in case you get attacked by a dog in public and what to do about it.

For this reason, this problem is increasing from day to day, so we often meet on the streets abandoned dogs (and cats) that roam themselves, and often in packs. Usually they collect around the place where they can find food. In most cases, they are peaceful animals that venture for home use. But unfortunately, a number of these animals know how to attack random passers-by and without any cause, most often with a bite, cause damage.

Each city or municipality in its Decision on the keeping of domestic animals regulates what is considered an abandoned animal, so it is envisaged that an unmarked dog, without a nuisance and repetition, found on the surface of a public purpose, is considered an abandoned dog.

Damage from biting

Compensation for damages due to an attack or bite of a stray dog ​​can be material (loss of income due to treatment, costs of treatment or torn clothes, etc.) and intangible (in the name of physical pains suffered, fears and mental pains due to anomalies).

Liability for damage incurred

The unit of local self-government responsible for the damage suffered is responsible for the territory of which the harmful activity occurred, more precisely, the city or the municipality. The basis of responsibility is the failure to take the necessary measures to prevent the occurrence of damage.

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In many cities this issue is governed by the adoption of appropriate regulations or decisions. They are clearly determined what is considered an abandoned dog, in what way is the regulated communal activity related to the capture of abandoned animals from public areas and their disposal, as well as the procedure for compensation of damages resulting from the attack of an abandoned animal.

What to do if a stray dog ​​attacked you?

In the event of a bite of a stray dog, citizens should first contact the competent medical institution for examination, in order to heal the injuries, prescribe the therapy, and issue a report on the injuries, with a note that the breach was caused by a bite by a non-dog breeder. After that, the doctor refers to the Infectious Clinic or Pasteur Institute to assess whether a rabies vaccine is needed. An infectious clinic (or Pasteur Institute) then informs the competent veterinary institution in a way to find a specific dog.

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