4 Hockey Training Aids That Will Maximize Your Game

4 Hockey Training Aids That Will Maximize Your Game


If you want to bring your skills to the top level and always be the one to outmaneuver your opponent on the ice your best bet would be to invest in some great hockey training aids. With the right gear, you can practice every day in the comfort of your own home and quietly hone your skills to the point of excellence. Any training you do is going to be beneficial, however, we have a few choice tools that will allow you to push yourself to the fullest and be great at what you do. Here are 4 must-have training aids that are the top of the line.

1. Sniper’s Edge Hockey Shooting Tarp

The Sniper’s Edge Hockey shooting tarp is at the top of the list of things you need to hone your shooting skills. You can set this up anywhere that you can afford some space. It is tough and durable so that you can practice your hardest shots without having to worry about putting holes in the walls, or dinging up cars & appliances with pucks. It has the same dimensions as a real hockey goal set up for shooting, but with a large backdrop for protection. There are target holes around the goaltender so that you can fine-tune your shooting skills and hit with perfect accuracy.

2. Sniper’s Edge Slick Tiles – Dryland Flooring Tiles

With Sniper’s Edge slick tiles you can double up your practice with the shooting tarp. These slick tiles are designed to allow you to take shots and practice passing as if you were on real ice. Although it is not recommended to try and use ice skates on this kind of flooring, you can still get a solid practice session from just taking shots at the tarp. Since they are easily assembled and come in 1 x 1 square foot squares you can set them up virtually anywhere you have a flat enough space.

3. Sniper’s Edge Sweet Hands Hockey Stickhandling Trainer

The Sweet Hands trainer is another must-have if you are serious about sharpening your skills. If used on real ice, hockey tile flooring, or even asphalt it works great for strengthening those dekes and dangles. You can use it just about anywhere you’d like to because it is portable and durable. Since it is made by Sniper’s Edge you can be confident it has enough quality to handle all of your hockey training heat for years to come.


4. Sniper’s Edge Passmaster and Puck Rebounder

Improve your passing skills with the Passmaster. This little best seller is one of a kind. It can help you master difficult passes, and assist you in perfecting those one-timer shots that win games. Since it has three flat sides that you can bounce pucks off of, you can aim it for diagonal shots and rebounds that defy the laws of physics. With a one-two rebound off of the side, back with a backhand one-timer shot straight into the goal you can hone and carve these skills to where you become unstoppable.