Training with  Floor Hockey Tiles

Training with Floor Hockey Tiles

Hockey floor tiles are an excellent way to turn anyplace into a hockey training area. When you purchase high-quality slick tiles from Sniper’s Edge Hockey, you can’t go wrong. They are engineered to provide the slickest, and smoothest training experience possible. The snaps are fashioned in a way that helps to eliminate gaps and raises in the seems. This way, whenever you shoot, it is almost exactly as it would be as if you were shooting on ice.

No Ice Skates

Although the tiles are very strong and durable they are not built to endure the blades of ice skates. However, training on these is not meant for skate training. You can use inline skates or sneakers when you are on them to practice stickhandling and shooting drills. In fact, if you have the room to do it you could even play a game. If you are insistent on skating with ice skates your best bet would be to build an area on synthetic ice. This type of flooring is built specifically to handle ice skating, however, you can’t use roller blades on them.

Stickhandling Drills

With the help of some Sweethands, the ultimate stickhandling trainer, you can build your skills just like you would on real ice. Some of the common drills include placing the Sweethands on the floor vertically and slapping the puck through each slot back and forth as you work your way up the line. Once at the end do a little deke move and slap the puck home into the target. Another drill is to lay two rails out. Put one vertically, and the other horizontally like the letter “L.” Put the puck through the first slot at the bottom, then work your way up the rail until the angle, then quickly switch directions to the other rail without skipping a beat. Once you go through the whole rail, make your way back down and repeat the drill 3 times.

Hockey Shooting Drills

For this kind of drill, you will need a shooting tarp and a whole bunch of hockey pucks. The goal is to practice repetition until you hone your shooting skills into a razor-sharp edge. Position yourself on the tiles about 10 to 15 feet away from the shooting tarp. Make sure that your pile of pucks is within your reach so that you don’t have to struggle in order to maintain your shots. Pick one of the target areas of the tarp and shoot for that hole. You can start out slow at first, but pick up the pace as you go. Hit the puck into the target one at a time over and over again until you are out of pucks. Take note of how many shots you make as opposed to how many you miss. Remember where your weaknesses lie and focus on strengthening them by practicing them over and over again.

Muscle Memory

Just because you are not on real ice or skating on ice skates does not mean that the practice won’t count. The whole object of consistent training is to strengthen your muscle memory. When you build memories within your muscles, you will automatically remember the moves you practiced when you need them the most, without even having to think about them. The more consistently that you practice, the more your body becomes programmed to be a hockey-playing machine.