What Are the Main Causes of Migraines?

What Are the Main Causes of Migraines?

Migraine can cause throbbing pain. People who have the condition can understand how hurting migraine headaches are. People use certain medications and adjust their lifestyles to avoid pain. However, you should consult with your doctor for suitable and well-working migraine treatments. He or she may tell you the one that suits you the best. In addition, you should know that various causes can result in causing the condition. There can be some cases when the cause remains a mystery. Nevertheless, some of them can be identified in a diagnosis. The possible causes may include-

  • Irregular blood flow in the brain
  • Abnormal secretion of brain’s chemicals
  • A pre-existing central nervous disorder
  • Genetic inclination

What Things Can Trigger Migraines? 

There can be various things, which can trigger a migraine. However, the triggers may vary from person to person. Some people have few triggers; some have multiple. However, some people may not know all the things that can put them at risk of developing a migraine.

Some of the common triggers are as follows-

  • Physical and Mental Stress

Excessive exercise, physical effort, and even sexual activity can result in causing a migraine headache. In addition, mental stress can also lead to the condition if you do not deal with it.

  • Hormonal Changes

Women are prone to develop migraines because of hormonal changes. Some women complain of developing the condition just before or during their menstruation. On the other hand, some women complain of having a migraine during the gestation period or menopause. The changing level of estrogen in these conditions leads to cause migraine headaches.

  • Sleeping Patterns

Irregular and inadequate sleep can elicit your migraine. However, you should not compensate for the lost sleep. Sleeping too much is as harmful as sleeping little. Both conditions can trigger a migraine.

  • Skipped Meals

If you have a migraine, try not to skip your meals. Skipping your meals can trigger the condition.

  • Light, Sound, and Smell

Many people having migraines are sensitive to light, sound, and smell. You should stay away from bright lights, powerful smells, thunderous noise, and even smoke. They are common triggers of migraine headaches.

  • Food

Avoid taking salty, spicy, and processed foods. They can elicit your condition. Along with taking the migraine treatments, try not to eat the foods that can prompt the symptoms of migraine.

  • Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners can trigger your migraine headaches. Moreover, certain preservatives can also play a major role in the same case.

  • Medications

Intake of too many medications, such as vasodilators, can cause the condition.

  • Weather Changes

Shifts in the weather can trigger a migraine. The atmosphere outside can affect you from inside. Therefore, consult with your doctor about how you can deal with changing environment.

  • Drink

Caffeine and alcohol are major triggers of migraine. Drink plenty of water instead to relieve the pain.

What Factors Can Put You at Risk? 

There are certain factors, which can put you at risk of developing a migraine. However, not every person having migraines is exposed to the triggers. Some suffer from the condition because of the following factors-

  • Family History

Genetic predisposition is a major cause of migraine. If your one parent or both have the condition, the possibility of having the condition increases in you.

  • Age

People can have a migraine at any age in their lives. However, adolescence is the most crucial age where people can develop the condition.

  • Gender

Men develop migraines in their adolescents more than women do. However, after the age of puberty, women are more likely to have the condition.

You should always consult with your doctor for migraine treatments. He or she may tell you suitable medications according to your health conditions.

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