A Recommended Guide to Properly Store Home Canned Goods

A Recommended Guide to Properly Store Home Canned Goods

In this era, canned food is becoming popular. The demand for canned food keeps increasing. People even store homemade food in cans as well. Canned food is an alternative to store frozen food. Instead of putting it in a freezer, people store food in cans that contain liquid. The liquid slows down the growth of bacteria which keeps the food fresh. Commercial canned goods companies store canned food in bespoke cold rooms. But when you have home-canned food, the storing guidelines may vary. Of course, we don’t have cold rooms at home. That’s why people get confused about storing home-canned goods. You should know that preserving canned food is not hectic if you know the strategies. But a small mistake can ruin your food. If you have home-canned goods and you want to store them safely, read our guide below.


The container in which you are storing food matters more than you think. To store home-canned food, you should use mason jars. Commercial cans are tough to use, and they require many techniques. Therefore, the easiest way for you will be mason jars. Make sure that you are using high-quality jars. The jars should not have cracks. Make sure that the mason jars do not leak. Besides, ensure that you have lids with mason jars.


After bathing the jars, let them cool for 12 to 24 hours. Now, after 24 hours, remove the band rings. Test each jar now. To test the seal, press the middle of the lid with your thumb or finger. If the jar lid springs up, then it means it’s not sealed. Use the jars that pass the jar seal test. For the unsealed jars, remove the band rings. Then bathe them and let them cool for another 24 hours. Repeat the same process. Only use if they pass the test. Make sure that the jars are vacuum sealed. There should be no possibility of entrance of air or moisture to the food. Once you have put the food in the containers, it is time to seal it. Make sure you lock each jar properly. If your seal is loose, it can cause much damage to the food.


The most crucial factor about storing any food is temperature. Know that the temperature of the surrounding has the most impact on your food. If the temperature range is not suitable, your food can spoil quickly. It can affect the taste and texture of your food. Store your canned goods at a cool and dry place. Avoid sun rays and heat. When handling the jars, make sure you don’t disturb the seals. Do not store in sunny or damp areas. The ideal temperature of store cans is between 50 to 70 degrees F.

Label the Jars

After putting the food in the jars, it is time to label the jars. Mention the expiry date and the name of the food on each jar. Most canned food lasts about 1-year.


FIFO means first in, first out. It means you use the items first that have the soonest expiry dates. Always use the jar that you stocked first. Put the old food at the start and use them first. It will allow you to find the desirable mason jar quickly.