Cake Combos That Will Freeze a Moment in Time

Cake Combos That Will Freeze a Moment in Time

Love, laughter, and happy moments are forever embedded in our hearts and minds, thanks to the gifts and food that we share with our loved ones. It is because all the gifts and decorations are just enough to narrate the whole story. You too can hold the hands of time on special occasions by surprising your loved ones with a luscious and well-decorated cake. The cake has to mention or give hints on occasion with a photo, name, message, or figurine. Though a cake can sum up your feelings and emotions – a combo will get the job done and give the recipient some gifts they will enjoy in the next coming days or use for a considerable amount of time. You can avail of cake delivery in Bangalore while you’re in a distant city with online cake stores. Continuing on the subject, in this post, we share cake combos that will freeze a moment in time.

First Things First

The right way to surprise your loved ones is by gifting them something they love. It can be their career, hobbies, favourite colour, design, or any other distinctive favourites.

Cake and Flowers

Cakes and flowers throughout the beginnings of time have been synonymously used for gifting purposes. The pair is a hit because the combination of beautiful and aromatic flowers draws anyone’s attention. A well-decorated with a luscious cake – promotes the release of happy hormones. You can surprise your loved one with various cake and flower arrangements, like flowers in a vase with a floral cake. You will find various ways to spruce up the cake combo on social media platforms and flower and cake shops.

Cake and Sweet Treats Combo

While some times it pays to go with a different type of gift to complete the time freeze spell. At other times it does pay to keep in line with the sweet taste of the cake. Other than gifting your sweet tooth, loved ones with only a cake, but also sweet treats on their special day. You can make the moment worthwhile with sweat treats like cashew nuts, almonds, and chocolates. In addition to the sweet treats, you can take the fun to another level with personalised chocolate wrap with name, photo, and message.

Cake and Teddy Combo

A soft and fluffy Teddy is always welcome even though that person already has quite a number of these cuties. And you know that who that kind of person is among your loved ones. So, you can surprise your better half, little or elder sister, and friends on a special occasion with a frosty cake with chocolate glaze and cherries on top and a cute Teddy toy. You can surprise them with a 0.5 kg heart-shaped fruitcake and a supersized Teddy or the other way, and it depends on the way you want to surprise your loved one.

Cake and Greeting Card

The cake and greeting card gesture seems like an old trick, but there is no better way to sum up your thoughts and feelings than writing down what’s in your heart on a greeting card that goes with the cake. While some design features do not allow much writing on the cake, it seems like a good idea to give your loved one something to read to relive that moment for a long time. You can customise the greeting card like a photo or cartoon-like (caricature) and have their favourite chocolates complete the message.

The cake above combos will help you find the perfect cake combo that will help you make the best impressions on your loved ones.